Zelensky, Jesus A. by Nunez Villaverdes


praised to the utmost by them The decision to stay in Kyiv when Russian troops entered Ukraine And since then for his moral and political leadership, Volodymyr Zelensky is now in Critics’ Bullseye For his alleged inaction in the months leading up to the invasion. The ‘Washington Post’ has just revealed that, since last October, Washington had very detailed information about Russian plans and tried unsuccessfully to convince the Ukrainian president and European allies that an invasion was imminent. His lack of response – from not declaring martial law, not activating a general mobilization, not destroying bridges and crossing points that the invaders could use – was, according to his critics, a unnecessary loss of human life and intolerable physical destructionWhich mortgages the future of the country indefinitely.

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In his defense, forced to choose between evil and evil, Zelensky has argued that doing so would have A general panic and a huge population flight, which would have meant that the country was more likely to collapse and it would be impossible to organize a resistance like the one achieved to date. As with many past events, it is very tempting (and useless) to make predictions about past events that cannot be reversed. First of all it should be remembered that at that time Washington wasn’t really a very reliable source of informationAfter the notoriety suffered by its intelligence agencies in Painful withdrawal from Afghanistan, Ukraine, on the other hand, was already at war with Russia since 2014 and although the hypothesis of a Russian invasion was controlled on several occasions, can never be taken mathematically That subject to so many impossibility something is inevitably going to happen. Similarly, no one is in a position to determine what will be the result of choosing an attitude different from the one actually chosen, neither in terms of human lives saved nor the level of infrastructure or habitat destruction.

Therefore, playing “What if Zelensky…” is, in addition to being a useless exercise, It only serves to weaken a leader It is facing a dramatic situation, with a marked decline in macroeconomic variables and the well-being of its population, And with a war that has no end in the short term, All this, amid mounting pressure that it is already suffering from its own Western allies, increasing fears that Moscow will cut off their energy supplies, so that Accept the partition of the country as soon as possible in terms set by Russia, Zelensky is not an ancient politician and not only has he not been able to put an end to the corruption of the Ukrainian system, but he has also made controversial decisions – such as outlawing some pro-Russian parties and closing some media outlets. It has also made such mistakes and will continue to do so, which have to pay a heavy price. But it is Zelensky himself who Has been able to unite a structurally fragmented country against the invader and which has joined dozens of countries in its support, not only formally but also with the supply of weapons, which is proving important, at first, to deter Russian troops, and now, Kherson. To take the initiative in and also in Crimea. And it is also what is stopping the Russian desire to expand its sphere of influence in Europe right now. Let’s not forget it.

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