YouTube gets an updated media player on mobile: Here’s what’s changed


The YouTube mobile app is getting a new redesigned video player that will bring some commonly used buttons to the player window, making it easier to quickly access. The app does this by adding a row of buttons when you switch to full screen mode on YouTube while watching a video.

The buttons are displayed on their own when you pause a video or tap the screen, and otherwise remain hidden so as not to interrupt your viewing experience. There is a like and dislike button, and another that allows you to open comments in a small sidebar on the right.

There is also a dedicated button to share the video and another to save it to a playlist. YouTube also added a section for More Videos in the bottom right corner.

While all of these options aren’t new to the YouTube app, users previously would have to exit full-screen mode and then find these buttons in the vertical layout or use a swipe-up gesture. Now, they are available directly.

The new video player UI is currently rolling out to Android and iOS devices, but it’s apparently not widely available yet. This means that you may have to wait a bit before you receive the update on your phone.

In other news, YouTube is also reportedly testing a new looping feature that will allow you to “loop” entire videos or particular chapters of a video endlessly without having to manually bring the playback slider to a point on particular. This feature is still in testing and it could be a while before we see it implemented.


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