Youth with post graduate degree viral on taking unemployment minimum wage: ‘I need to work’


Lack of demand for labor is a problem in some Latin American countries, because of the strong impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and other related aspects. via TIC TocBoy Mexican shared your status job seeking In his home country, despite the fact that he had completed all his studies and even a masters degree, he was not getting the salary to match it.

viral clip user of TIC Toc Identified as @maukaisen attracted the attention of thousands of internet users for the difficult situation they are going through in their country. For this reason, he considered the “complaints” that other people might have about him. labor centerBecause they had to accept the minimum wage due to lack of employment.

,Don’t complain about your jobDue to the pandemic, my job was over, I could not get another job. Sometimes we don’t appreciate what we have”, expressed the young man.

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The young man said that he was able to get a temporary job that would last from July to December and would receive 5,000 Mexican pesos a month (in return 930 soles), unlike what he got at his first job after graduation, which, as he explained, was 15,000 Mexican pesos (in exchange for more than 2,700 soles,

He also said that he studied marketing for a “better future and lifestyle”, completed his bachelor’s degree and earned a master’s degree, but circumstances forced him to accept government help. In MexicoThere are many people who were affected by the economic crisis.

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Security camera caught a young man recording Tiktok throughout working hours

Through the social network, thousands of users daily witness the most funny and funny facts. On this occasion, it is an amusing clip that shows how a young lady takes advantage of a single moment alone during her working hours to record herself. a dance for tiktok,

In the clip shared by Ornella Scoponi, you can see how the security cameras of an office captured a unique incident. The young woman sitting at the desk continued to meet her working hours, but the low influx of customers made her decide to stop dancing for a while.

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