Youth Employment: What is the average remuneration for those below 30 years of age?


Youth employment on the rise in Peru, In youth DayThe Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion Turns out that the employment record for workers aged 15 to 29 was higher than pre-pandemic levels: jobs increased by 985,000 compared to June 2019 figures.

PEMT It also revealed the average salary received by people under the age of 30 and which careers are in high demand from employers according to their level of education. Meet him here.

Remuneration for those below 30 years of age

PEMT also disclosed the data on which they were able to collect remuneration Received by the youngest colleagues ever this year.

information from an electronic spreadsheet PEMT shows that staff Formal wage earners up to the age of 29 received S/1,652 as a monthly average between January and June 2022. This figure shows an increase of 1.8% as compared to June 2021.

Is remuneration This is S/2,286 received by those 30 years of age or older, which was an average of S/2,938. However, this is due to the difference Experience, skill and qualification level,

most popular race

according to business demand surveyL(EDO)K PEMTAmong the most requested careers for new permanent positions requiring technical education, basic or intermediate level, are the following:

  • Administrative Assistant
  • shop sale
  • office automation
  • Business
  • Tourism and Hotel Management.

On the other hand, the most demanding careers requiring higher technical education are:

  • system analysis
  • database modeling
  • management
  • automotive mechanic

refering to Higher educationThe job offer These are for professionals:

  • management
  • industrial Engineering
  • systems Engineer.

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