Your daily horoscope: Saturday 24 September 2022


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Everything indicates that an excellent weekend is starting for you, especially for passionate and family relationships which will undoubtedly bring you significant happiness, some of which you may already expect but certainly others. No. This is a good time for you to sacrifice yourself in moments of peace and happiness with your loved ones.


A very positive weekend awaits you and above all with big surprises that will make you very happy. You will hear from someone you love dearly and who has been away from your life for a long time. Don’t plan too closed because everything can change, but if it happens it will undoubtedly be better.


In a moment of emotional collapse, someone comes to help and encourage you. A wonderful day awaits you, but at first it will seem opposite to you. It is also true that you need to rest, put a little off your great physical and intellectual activity, leave your mind blank and enjoy the moment more.


There is a respite for your physical and mental efforts, time for you to enjoy the affection of your loved ones, but at the same time you feel proud of all the things you have fought for and your work. whatever has been done. The favorable effects of planets will help you enjoy an excellent day.


Though you will enjoy an excellent day in the midst of your passionate and family circle, however, you will also miss your work and your social life at a time which is undoubtedly good enough for you and you are achieving many things and helping many. managing to finish. Obstacles that so far they have blocked your way.


It is very important that you remain calm, because, rightly or wrongly, you will be very nervous today and you can provoke it unintentionally, disagreements, tensions or even some conflict in the family. Worries about your work and other worldly matters are what cause you this great inner restlessness.


The arrival of the Sun in your zodiac will undoubtedly bring you a more favorable moment in which you will be able to realize many of your dreams and illusions, or simply make them much closer to being able to come true. For now you are going to enjoy an exciting weekend full of peace and optimism.


It is an ideal time to travel or get out of your usual circle, indulge in all kinds of activities including sports or simply get in touch with nature. Whatever be the case, today you will be able to clear your mind from all the troubles and stresses of the past days together with your loved ones.


You really need to rest, especially your mind more than your body, and today you will finally be able to do it, whether you have to work or take care of some mundane matters. In any case, they will be a lot more mechanical work and you will find yourself more comfortable, especially in the afternoon.


You want to rest deeply and forget about a week full of stresses and successes achieved through more sacrifices and efforts than expected. But with the weekend approaching, it will be quite difficult for you to separate your mind from the problems and worldly worries of all these days.

Fish house

Excellent day to dedicate intimate and family life, towards which you will feel strongly attracted and that will give you some especially happy moments today. You will be very attracted to seek refuge in your inner circle, even being alone at times and seeking inner peace. But in some way or the other, it will be a very happy day.


A very favorable day for love, pleasure or entertainment, so that you can embark on a walk on that sensual side along with your famous spiritual and self-sacrificing nature. But today it will be the turn of your most Dionysian and sophisticated side, which you need to pay attention to even if you don’t believe it.

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