‘You don’t need to go far to enjoy nature’


He has a creative and precise profession, draftsman and gear grinder, but in his family there has always been a camera. For this reason, when Marc Seles saw the storm formed in the Pyrenees from his home in Manleau, he didn’t think twice. He picked it up and took an impressive picture that, After being published in the photos of readers of La Vanguardiawas selected by NASA best image of astronomy day,

What did you think when you saw that NASA had selected your photo?

It is a privilege that NASA has selected a picture of me, it is an honor. It’s more of an honor for me, because it’s a picture taken in a straight line 2 km next to the house. Plus, there’s a town I’ve always been to, Manleau, and a much appreciated place for all of us who live in Plana de Vic, the Serralada de Belmonte and its sanctuary. that NASA selects a photo of me, something I never thought would happen, you always think that maybe this photo will get published because I’m thinking about it, planning it and maybe it’s the third time when you tried to get it. And, in the end, you take it and you don’t use it.

in great shape

Image provided by NASA, six minutes after lightning exposure in Manleau.

Mark Seles / @marcsales

What else will you uncover from this picture published by him Pawn And that was chosen by NASA?

Regarding the photo that NASA has chosen, I would like to point out that during those 6 minute exposures, the clouds hardly moved or moved straight. In the before and after pictures I saw that the cloud was moving east. But in this photo I was lucky that the clouds did not move. It’s also worth noting that we’re not really aware of the amount of lightning falling through thunderstorms. You can give us the data, but we don’t believe there are as many as they tell us.

in great shape

Mark Seles, during his visit to the La Vanguardia newsroom.

Michael Gonzalez

How was the process of capturing this picture?

Photography is made up of multiple photographs, specifically, 360 photos of 1” exposure. The reason I use only one second of exposure is that if you use more later it may be that one beam “burns” the other, or that a very short beam doesn’t come out. Light pollution also affected the decision to take the photo, because the bit you increase the exposure, you already take in all the city lights, and they cover the middle of the picture. That’s why I used the exposure time so little.

Light pollution also affected decision making

Mark Selesphotographer

Why did you decide to participate Photos of La Vanguardia Readers,

I decided to participate in the readers’ photos, because I have always believed that you do not need to go far to see or enjoy the impressive things in nature. My photos are taken from home in 1 hour or less, and I want to show places that are not that far away. We have a wonderful country.

in great shape

Mark Seles shows his photo provided by NASA.

How long have you been dedicating yourself to photography?

My family has always had a camera, on my father’s side my grandfather took the famous snapshots already, with cameras that left some square shaped photos and not very detailed, they did in the 1950s was. My father also continued that passion to show where he was going and continued to take pictures when he went fishing in the mountains. But the true passion for taking pictures, respecting nature and visiting those close to home was given to me by my father, Joan Seles. I think I started in fifth grade (I’m 29 now), I did what I could, with a film camera, then digital ones, reflex ones and now mirrorless ones. I remember the first reel in which I opened the camera in the middle of a school trip and went out all evening…what a surprise and a disaster. With digital cameras, and even more so with mirrorless cameras, it is easier and lighter to carry the camera anywhere.

With my first reel I found all the hidden pictures, what a disaster

Mark Selesphotographer

in great shape

Mark Seles, with his camera.

Michael Gonzalez

What kind of photography do you like the most? of meteorology?

Personally, I love nature photography in general, especially landscape photography.

It is true that there is a lot of nature photography in your area Osona. Why?

Because of fog. It is always foggy in La Plana, especially in winter.

Is he like a collection of photographers?


And what is so special about painting nature?

I love going to the mountains, especially the Eastern Pyrenees, with its streams, valleys, forests and peaks. That corner has loved me. Although I also like the picture of the weather, I also like to be able to fit it well into the scene, for example I like that picture of a storm as the city and mountains are visible behind it. Meteorology is magical because you only have minutes to capture it; Landscape photography, on the other hand, has a few days if the temperature isn’t moving either. Above all, I like to show reality, nothing more than to try and create an artistic picture of a place, I don’t like it at all. I’ve slightly adjusted the image to show it as I see it in nature.

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