Yenifer Paredes: sister-in-law of Pedro Castillo and Juan Silva had 18 calls between May and August 2021


Revealing data. In a space of three months, between May and August 2021, Yenifer Paredes and the former Minister of Transport and Communications John Silva they would have had a total of 18 phone conversations, according to what the call log revealed of the sister-in-law of President Pedro Castillo, to whom Latina had access.

According to data obtained by the television station, the last contact between the two would have been on August 2, 2021, four days after Juan Silva took part in the Council of Ministers. That day there were two of these calls, one made by Paredes and the other by Silva, in response to the communication received.

After this dialogue, the rest of that week the former minister would maintain a series of meetings with the president, which, in light of what is known to date, raises suspicions.

On August 3, that is, the day after talking with Yenifer Paredes, The then head of the MTC met with the head of state at the Government Palace for just over an hour. This meeting would be held on two more occasions, one on August 4 and the next on August 6.

In the subsequent days, peter castle would receive at the Government Palace key figures from the alleged corruption scheme that is currently under investigation by the Public Ministry and that involves, among other people, the sister of the first lady, Lilia Paredes.

In this sense, On August 7, the head of state received José Nenil Medina, mayor of Anguía, at the Casa de Pizarro. locality where there would have been irregularities in the tender for sanitation works awarded to the company JJM Espino Engineering & Construction SAC, owned by Hugo Espino Lucana, a friend of Yenifer Paredes.

On August 8, 2021, Espino Lucana is precisely the next person to access Palace. According to the records, the meeting lasted more than five hours, between 3:52 pm and 9:09 pm Coincidentally, that day, in the morning hours, Castillo had held another meeting with Juan Silva.

All these palatial conversations took place shortly before companies associated with Hugo Espino Lucana and his sister, Anggie Espino Lucana, took over the good fortune of sanitation projects in Anguía and Cajatambo, whose adjudication processes are now under suspicion of justice.

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