YanaPay Peru Bonus: Check Who Pays Today, June 30th in this link


Today is the last day to access Thursday 30th June Yanape Peru Bondsubsidies distributed by Pedro Castillo’s government Thousands of families affected by the pandemic COVID-19, If you are in the program, you should get in touch with your identity on any window National Bank And you can collect 350 soles given by the state to reactivate your economy. Learn how to charge today, Thursday June 30.

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Yanapay Peru Bonus: How Do I Know If I’m a Beneficiary?

  • To find out if you use this economic subsidy, you need to enter the official government portal: inquiry.yanapay.gob.pe
  • Enter your number and date of issue National Identity Document (DNI)
  • Click the “I am not a robot” checkbox
  • Please place if I accept in the privacy policies
  • End in “Check if you are the beneficiary”.

Yanapay Peru Bonus: Payment Schedule

  • Group 1 (from 13 September): Every Peruvian citizen who is part of the social programs Pension 65, Together and With You.
  • Group 2 (from October 5): All users with bank accounts, digital wallets, mobile banking and DNI accounts (Banco de la Nacione).
  • Group 3 (from 18 October): Citizens who live in rural communities without access to financial systems.
  • Group 4 (current): People without bank accounts who must receive subsidies through the windows of the Banco de la Nacional.

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Yanapay Peru Bonus: Check Payment Methods

  • credit to account
  • digital wallet
  • ID account
  • Banco de la Nación. Key Cellular Banking
  • payment carts
  • home payment
  • payment at bank agencies

Yanapay Bonus: Requirements and Amounts

  • To be part of the households in the conditions of poverty, extreme poverty and vulnerability in our country
  • Related to the programs of the Ministry of Social Inclusion (MIDIS) together, Pension 65 and Aapse Saath
  • Citizens, pensioners and interns with salaries less than s / 3,000 soles without formal work.

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