Xavi’s real trouble sleeping leads to an unexpected obscene proposal




JavikContestants in the fifth edition of ‘island of temptation‘, he has inadvertently messed it up with one of his earlier statements. And it is that the participant, Claudia’s partner, has been more honest with Sandra Berneda in the first contact that the presenter has with the boys.
Paradise Villa
, Everything has happened when the ‘presenter’
reality show
‘ has started a question for the 25-year-old without any double meaning.

After the initial introduction, the five boys moved on. sandra barneda For Villa Paraso, which will be his home from now on. So excited to see all the luxuries that they will have from now on,’ the presentersisland of temptation’ wanted to comfort him with a short interview that would allow him to get to know him a little more deeply about him and his relationship with his girls.

And then Sandra Berneda inadvertently gives Javi an opportunity to reveal a very personal and … somewhat disturbing secret.

Javi’s original reaction

“What are you going to miss the most?” Sandra Berneda asked JavikWho gave ‘island of temptation‘, a moment of complete honesty. “I have trouble falling and sleeping with Claudia, that’s all. I sleep wonderfully and it’s brutal. I feel safe,” he confessed.
Indicating that he has trouble sleeping, so this will probably be an obstacle for him.

However, if the answer Javik Shocked the audience, the note made by him left the audience more confused Andrew: “We’ll give spoons if you want.”

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