Wriddhiman Saha says journalist whose controversial texts he shared on social media ‘neither contacted nor apologized’ | cricket news


Wriddhiman Saha had previously shared a screenshot of the controversial texts.© AFP

goalkeeper-batsman Wriddhiman Saha has said that the journalist, whose controversial texts had shared on social media without naming the person, she has yet to contact him or apologize for her behavior. Saha had shared screenshots of messages from an anonymous journalist last week, where the latter requested an interview from the player. The journalist would then send texts that seemed aggressive in tone after receiving no response from Saha. The matter turned into a full-fledged controversy after Saha shared the screenshot of the texts, leading many ex-cricketers to offer their support and BCCI to become aware of the matter as well.

Saha clarified in a recent Zee News interview that the journalist has not contacted him again.

“I am hurt by the journalist’s message. I have never behaved badly with any journalist nor have they behaved badly with me. But this was out of place. I wanted to expose it so that people know that the world of journalism has people like that. Saha told Zee News.

“The aforementioned journalist has not contacted me or apologized,” he added.

The Indian cricketer also revealed that he is in contact with BCCI on the matter.

“After my tweet, BCCI contacted me via email and phone. They are looking into the matter. I will cooperate with them.”

“I don’t want to reveal his identity because this is my morals and I live by principles. I always feel like I have to give someone a second chance. This is the second chance I want to give them at the moment.” he said.


Saha also added that he is not considering retiring despite being dropped from the Indian Test side.

“I am not considering retiring at the moment. I am going to play IPL and other matches in domestic cricket. I am shocked and hurt that I have been eliminated for the next two test series against Sri Lanka. The way I played in the last match against New Zealand, I was hoping that I would be in the team. But it seems that the selection committee had already made up their minds and decided to leave me,” he explained.

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