World Lung Day: Do You Have Asthma and You Don’t Know? Expert reveals the most common symptoms


as a result of Epidemic Respiratory diseases went into the background, which were severely affected because it needed health emergency, However, today more than ever, taking care of the lungs is a medical priority due to the serious effects caused by COVID-19, as well as other diseases that attack this lung. vital organs,

Within the framework of World Lung Day celebrated on 25 September, Dr. Arablin Oropeza saidSpoke exclusively to the Medical Manager of Immunology at Sanofi Herald of Mexico and He assured that asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pneumonia, tuberculosis and lung cancer have to be stopped as some health centers and hospitals are closed only for treatment. epidemic patients,

When asked how it affects patients decisionThe specialist explained that the lack of follow-up made her opt for home remedies, which did not help her on several occasions.

“This affected the fact of missing visits with the specialist and at times losing control of their disease, perhaps not being able to guide them well about what treatment they would need to receive and the patient, in the end, in that.” Was distracted from being able to self-medicate or getting into some sort of home remedy that didn’t seem to help them at all. This lack of follow-up by a specialist doctor Consequences Maybe”.

Treatment of common asthma should be considered on World Lung Day to maintain full function. Photo: Special

In addition, they highlighted the importance that patients with asthma can control their symptoms over a long period of time, as it is closely linked to lung health, affecting 339 million people worldwide and 8.5 million Mexicans. .

How do I know if I have asthma?

Oropazza pointed out that there are symptoms that are too obvious to know if a person has asthma.

“Recurrent cough, which varies throughout the day or that occurs in different seasons; coughs with exercise, that is not only a strenuous activity but walking or doing hiking, the fact of associating it with another disease such as allergic rhinitis and shortness of breath; and wheezing and shortness of breath, which are the most frequent problems.”


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