World leaders in danger after death of Queen Elizabeth II, predicts Moheni Vidant


Death of Queen Elizabeth IIThe longest-reigning woman in the history of the monarchy, there was news that shook the world. and that, Mohini Sir He assures that September is a month of change and chaos, so his departure represents the end and beginning of a new world order with the accession of the throne of his son, King Carlos III.

Only this Monday, September 19, one more Mohini Seer’s Predictionwho visualized earthquakes in Mexico with a magnitude above 6 degrees on the Richter scale. Prophet It sure is one of many events that can be expected in the near future, as climate change continues to worsen more and more.

Astrologers also warn that There may be many changes in world geopoliticsnot only for mDeath of Queen Elizabeth II, but because countries like China or Arab nations can become new world powers. And if that wasn’t enough, Mohini Sir Talked about the attack by the Argentine Vice President Cristina Kirchner. But, another leader may be in danger.

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What will happen after the death of Queen Elizabeth II?

astrologer talks about prediction of a new world order Which can be established at some point, as the Russo-Ukraine War, armed war in Arab countries, as well as political tensions between China and North Korea with other countries could trigger a Third World War.

Church may also be affected and another The world leader may be in danger, Mohini Sir He assured that there may be terrorists who want to spread anarchy:

The Church Is Changing… I See It Disappointed

The seer predicted about this Pope FranciscoThe current leader of the Vatican and the Church. Mohini Sir explained Joe has been very secretive, but wants to get closer to religious believers through media interactions such as his photo with Jay Balvin, but did not comment on this Attack Against Christina Kirchner Despite being Argentina.

another of Mohini Seer’s Prediction warns that an important President of Latin America like the Vice President of Argentina could be in danger or even cancer, assuming a change in world politics and a new order.

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