Wordle moves to the NYT: what has changed and what hasn’t


Wordle was recently Acquired by The New York Times and now the popular online puzzle game has moved to the NYT website. Accessing the Wordle website will now automatically redirect users to the latest NYT page.

Please note that so far there have been no changes to Wordle’s gameplay mechanics and the game continues ad-free for now. The New York Times has not put behind a paywall as many had hoped until now. Wordle-specific settings like dark mode toggle, hard mode feature, and even high contrast mode are still here. The game’s sharing mechanic also appears to be the same.

Interestingly, the change apparently includes Wordle’s player database as well, as the game retains your progress from Wordle’s previous website post-NYT change. This means that even while playing the daily puzzle on the NYT site, you can continue to maintain your daily streaks and winning percentage.

Please note that some users have reported that they did not see their old scores on the new Wordle site. However, several users have reported that you have a better chance of keeping your old stats if you visit the old page. language of power and then be redirected to the newest NYT, instead of visiting the NYT-Wordle page directly.

What has changed?

There are some subtle changes. Wordle now has a brand new font that matches the aesthetic of other NYT games. This is a different font compared to what Wordle used before.

There is also a small panel added to the top left of the window called Games. The panel opens a quick link to some similar puzzle games you can play on the NYT site.

This includes Spelling Bee, Crossword, The Mini, Tiles, Sudoku, Vertex, and Letter Boxed, along with an “All Games” button that takes you directly to the NYT Crossword games page. While some of these are free, others require you to register or subscribe to the publication.


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