Wordle has a colorblind mode – here’s how to turn it on


We recently discussed how to enable hard mode in Wordle and how the new ruleset can benefit it, but there is another setting that offers this relatively simple daily word puzzle phenomenon, and that is colorblind mode.

Wordle’s Colorblind Mode replaces the iconic yellow and green colors with light blue and orange hues when you guess the correct letters. Meanwhile, the gray boxes remain gray. As most people who suffer from some form of color blindness will know, the blue/orange palette is one of the most common color schemes that most people tend to recognize.

Wordle also enhances the game with an additional feature that comes along with the colorblind mode. Remember those yellow and green squares you’ve been sharing on Twitter to reveal your spoiler-free daily score? Wordle will also replace those boxes with blue and orange boxes if you choose to share your score after enabling colorblind mode.

This is what your shared score will look like with colorblind mode. (Express Photo)

How to enable colorblind mode in Wordle

To enable colorblind mode, simply open Wordle on your phone or desktop and navigate to the gear-shaped settings icon in the top right. Here you’ll find a few settings, the last of which will be a switch to turn on colorblind mode.

wordle, wordle colorblind mode, wordle tips, How to enable colorblind mode in settings. (Express Photo)

Hit the switch and when you return to the main screen, your color palette will change.

To share your score with the new blue and orange boxes, you don’t need to do anything different. Simply share your score as you normally would, and if colorblind mode is on, Wordle will automatically use the two new colors.


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