Wordle Hard Mode: what it is and why you should activate it


The web is full of Wordle strategies, tips and tricks to get the right word of the day in a minimum number of tries. However, few people know that Wordle also comes with a ‘Hard Mode’ with slightly different rules, and that this mode will actually help you find the right word faster.

This is everything you need to know about Wordle Hard Mode and how you can use it to your advantage.

What is Wordle hard mode?

Wordle Hard Mode comes with a simple rule, which adds to all the existing Wordle rules you already know. In hard mode, all correct letters in a guess (yellow and green letters) must be used in the next chance for the game to detect the word as a legitimate guess.

This means that if your first guess is the word RATIO and you get a yellow on the T and O, your second guess must contain both letters in any position. If you enter a word like CLOSE for your next guess, you will see that the game will not detect it, but instead remind you to guess a word with T and O.

This is how hard mode works. (Express Photo)

How to turn on hard mode in Wordle

To turn on hard mode, simply navigate to the gear-shaped icon at the top right of the Wordle page. Here, users can find hard mode along with some other options like dark mode. Flip the switch on and hard mode will take effect immediately. When you start to guess the next Wordle puzzle, you will have to stick to the new rules.

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Why Hard Mode is Really Beneficial for Players

Hard Mode may sound difficult, but it’s actually a useful way to make sure you get to the right word faster. The new additional rule ensures that you don’t exhaust your six guesses with redundant words. By forcing you to implement the correct letters from previous guesses, the rule actually increases the chances that your next guess is the correct word.

Even if it doesn’t, you might get a couple more yellow and green letters, which will again need to be used at the next opportunity. This will allow you to focus your guesses on words that might be correct and improve your overall experience.


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