Women’s Day: Truecaller launches a campaign that encourages women to speak out and denounce harassment


Truecaller has launched a #Callitout campaign encouraging women to speak up about the harassment they face through phone calls and SMS ahead of International Women’s Day, which is tomorrow.

The new #Callitout campaign is an extension of the #itsnotok campaign the company previously launched. With the campaign, Truecaller wants to raise awareness about harassment and encourage women to take action against harassment. The first time it launched was in 2017, but Truecaller has been doing it every year since then.

According to studies carried out by Truecaller in 2020, 8 out of 10 women in India receive harassing and harassing calls in India. One in five women in the country receives inappropriate and sexual calls or SMS. In India, 76% of these calls and messages come from people unknown to women, while 4% come from known acquaintances.

The study also identifies trends in Brazil and Kenya, where a large number of harassing calls come from inmates. In India, women in metropolitan cities are the most affected by these calls and messages, with women in Chennai being the most affected, followed by New Delhi, Pune and Kolkata, in that order.

At the same time, women in India are more likely to take action against these calls, with seven out of ten women reporting they have done so. However, these actions rarely involve reporting to authorities, as most women in the country simply resort to blocking callers.

To aid its awareness campaign efforts, Truecaller has also partnered with the Cyber ​​Peace Foundation to launch a cyber safety program that aims to empower 15 lakh women to stay safe online.


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