Women, Life and Freedom, by Joan Canete Belle


Woman, life and liberty. this is the motto of demonstrations going on for several days Protests against the death of A young Kurdish woman, Mahsa Amini, After being arrested by morality at a police station, the police accused him of not wearing the veil properly. in network, Some Iranian girls cut their hair in protest, and in the streets, Young girls and boys confront Iranian police in a protest in which many The complexities of Iranian society: the generation gap, The insurmountable distance between the ruling elite and the road and political (Ayatollah Khamenei’s replacement) and economic uncertainties. But above all, it is important not to ignore it. This is the protest of most womenYouth, ethics against police (whose sole reason for their existence is to monitor and punish those who do not follow the rules of clothing and behavior in public places) and the discrimination they face, the most obvious symbol of which is the obligation to wear the veil in public. This is not the first time in recent years that the Ayatollah regime has faced popular discontent, and fears that if protests escalate, repressive measures will escalate. So far several dozen people have died, However, the government’s decision to limit access to the Internet makes it difficult to access information.

Woman, Life and Freedom (Jin, Jian, Azadi) is one of the most popular slogans of Kurdish feminism. The Kurds were Mahsa Amini (from Sanandaj, the administrative capital of Iranian Kurdistan) and the Kurds are the region where protests first ignited. Nevertheless, this is not a rebellion of Kurdish nationalism, Feminism has an equally important weight in Kurdish nationalist demands and women have a transcendent role. It is women – and men too – who demand an end to the discrimination to which the traditionalist and extremely conservative and reactionary vision of the Iranian Islamic regime is subject to them. This is a feminist protest. Therefore, there is no room for relativistic (and on many occasions orientalist) debates about what the veil means in Iranian society in general, its identity role, and even its forceful function in leftist forums. . There is no empowerment possible in being arrested for slightly skewing the veil, torturing, beaten and killed. Protests are for women, for life and for freedom. The protesters are far from endangering the Iranian regime, and Mahsa’s death is unlikely to be the spark igniting a major fire, but they are no less courageous. Cutting your hair is revolutionary in societies that boast of power over women’s bodies in public places.


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Very often the veil hides the forest. today, Woman, life and liberty This could be the slogan of demonstrations for rights and freedoms in countries other than Iran. In the United States, for example, following the Supreme Court ruling on abortion, and despite the fact that anti-abortion has appropriated the misleading term pro-life. or in Italy, where The victory of the right-wing led by fascist Giorgia Meloni has raised fears of a blow to women’s rights. Women, life and liberty are all we can demand here when the menace of violence against women continues to strike us.

in Italy, As feminist ideologue Ida Dominizani said in an interview in this newspaper, “The Italian brothers defended traditionalism, emphasizing the female-mother figure, something that, along with fear for immigrants, configured an exquisitely nationalist response to the birth crisis.” In the West, the extreme right takes advantage of a confluence of crises to promote its reactionary agenda and initiates, creates and wages cultural warfare to gain supporters and disguise its other program: neoliberal economic cuisine and massive inequality. But far from the West, in countries like Iran, cultural warfare is a luxury for the privileged: there, for women, war is by land, sea, and air. They have similarities, yes, that neither there is nor is feminism the inverse of masculinity. Women’s rights are protected today Defend life and liberty against reactionary aggression.

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