Willy Huerta: Full debate motion of censure to the Minister of the Interior this Friday 23


The motion of censure presented last Monday, September 19 — against the Minister of the Interior, Willy Huerta Olivaswill be seen in plenary Congress of the republic this Friday the 23rd, according to Parliament’s agenda. His departure is pushed due to changes in the high command of the National Police of Peru (PNP)that would have been intended hinder tax investigations against the president peter castle.

The main political forces that supported the motion of censure with their signatures were the benches of People’s Force, Country advances Y People’s Renewal. In the document, the signatures of Adriana Tudela, Norma Yarrow, Alejandro Cavero, José Cueto, Flor Pablo, María del Carmen Alva, Patricia Chirinos, Susel Paredes, Hector Acuña, Tania Ramírez, among others, stand out.

the fate of Olive Garden could be similar to the censored Geiner Alvaradowho, with 94 votes in favor, 14 against and 8 abstentions, was dismissed from his position as Minister of Transport and Communications by decision of the Plenary. The benches that supported his departure were Popular Force, Free Peru, Advance Country, Popular Renewal, Popular Action, Alliance for Progress and We are Peru.

On this occasion, the groups of Avanza País (9), Fuerza Popular (24) and Popular Renewal (9). The same Alianza Para el Progreso (10) would have a block vote in favor of removing the Minister’s head from office.

Willy Huerta failed to convince Congress

The last September 7, Olive Garden was questioned before Complete due to the latest changes that were made in the National Police of Peru (PNP) and for the complaint filed by the president’s lawyers peter castle against Colonel PNP Harvey Colchado, who serves as the head of the special police team in support of the prosecution.

Before being questioned, the head of the Interior appeared on August 29 before the Defense Commission of the Congress of the Republic to explain the modifications in the heads of the PNP. Finally, the answers that he provided on both occasions were not enough for the opposition groups, who announced that they would go for his censorship.

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