Will the severe cold continue in Lima? Find out what the temperature of each district will be in spring


spring began on September 22 and it’s a Weather characterized by warm temperatures. However, Lima will continue to present winter conditions, according to National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology of Peru ,Cenaahi,

“In the months of September and October, even though we are in spring, winter conditions will continue. moisture will drop a little more slowly, It will be much better in November”, explained meteorology expert Raquel Loeza Cenaahi,

Spring: What will the weather be like in Metropolitan Lima?

In the case of Metropolitan LimaThe expert explained that some districts, like San Juan de LuriganchoSanta Anita, la molina and others, Their minimum temperature will be 12 °C and maximum will be up to 18 °C., Similarly, you will be able to feel a little sunshine, but you will still have strong winds; Therefore, it is recommended that you do not take off the clothes.

The expert said that, near the ocean, the characteristics would be different. “Its minimum temperature will be 14 degree Celsius and maximum will be 17 degree Celsius,” he said.

According to Senamhi, the maximum temperature in Metropolitan Lima will reach 17 °C. Photo: Carlos Felix / La Repubblica / Composition

Spring 2022: what will the weather be like in eastern Lima?

For this Wednesday 21, Cenaahi Temperatures of 17°C to 14°C were predicted, reflecting a cloudy sky in the morning with a tendency for sunshine and wind gusts in the afternoon.

About the 22nd, the same temperature and fog are expected in the early hours of the morning, cloudy and cloudy skies are expected in the afternoon. Also there will be gusts of wind. There is a possibility of cloudy sky in the morning and cloudy sky in the afternoon on 23rd.

Spring 2022: What will the weather be like in West Lima?

referring to the West Lima District, Cenaahi Fog was predicted in the early hours of the morning and the sky will be cloudy with a tendency to become cloudy in the afternoon. gusts of wind, thus, The temperature is expected to range between 14°C and 17°C.

When does spring start?

Spring begins in Peru on 22 September.

Why is it called spring season?

The etymological origin of the word refers to “the first greenery”, in context One that, in spring, the plants turn green.

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