Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Artists? Maybe not for now, “they just do what humans have already done”


Alarm sounded:new Artificial Intelligence (AI) Artists to be ‘erased’ from the mapAnd quickly the “news” went viral. It was known that some algorithms were calibrated to produce “tasks” with a high level of quality, but a debate arose over, is this art? What Will it replace artwork?

there are many projects Who Wants to Bring Creation: It Started in 2018 revolution” With the auction of the painting “The Portrait of Edmund Bellamy”, which was signed by GAN, an AI, But the panorama has changed a lot over the years; There are currently a number of platforms that do this much better:

First AI-made painting that went viral Photo: Exclusive.

they can set a relationship between images and text used to describe them. It uses a process called “diffusion”, which starts with a pattern of random dots and gradually turns it into an image when it recognizes specific aspects. You can also make realistic edits to an existing title, as well as add and remove elements to take into account shadows, reflections, and textures.

Is it “art” as in some point?

Pavel MoraesVisual artist and teacher at the Botticelli Institute in Cuernavaca, Morelos assures, In an interview for El Heraldo de MexicoWhat art was at a certain point in history was very well defined, but today it is something that remains hazy. He said that in modernity. That method is still valid, but by science or technology.

“I always say the phrase: ‘Art is the artist’s belief in himself to create a miracle.’ While it’s probably too romantic, it serves me to think of art from this place as elusive and not so clearly established, formal, limited. I believe the concept is too broad

Determining what an AI does art is not that simple: “There are many expressions that are valid, I don’t like being candid and saying ‘this is art or not’. I am open to possibilities… but the use of technology in the service of creation is nothing new”, Powell said.

Mora emphasized that what have you asked nowAs in almost all aspectshave an “experience” And in that case they achieve their goal. “I wouldn’t say that because as they are manufactured they are no longer art. I believe that, uh, at the end of the day, They Recycle What Humans Already Thought”, he reflected.

AI won a contest and debate ensued

Recently a man named Jason Allen won an art competition at the Colorado State Fair in the United States with a “work” created via the MidJourney platform, which he titled “Theatre d’Opera Spatiale” was, when he shared in a forum how everything was created, The gunpowder exploded.

Many also called him a “hoax” and accused him of being “immoral”, even though he detailed that he spent about 80 hours working on the final product, as MidJourney made 900 choices, he chose all three of them. What they liked the most and ended. Changes you wanted in Photoshop. In addition, he insists that i explain to the authorities How did he do everything?

Jason, who doesn’t call himself an artist, He knew from the beginning that everything would be controversial, “How interesting to see how all these people on Twitter who are against AI art, throw the human element under the bus as the first to defame the human element! Do you find that hypocritical?” They said.

a subject in which nothing is clear

Regarding this controversy, Powell declared that there were many possibilities, among them the rules of the game were short, they were not so clear or the jury was not so experienced, but It’s AI only. has not happened withSince there are examples of other topics where the use of “new technology” has sparked discussion.

“There was a similar problem at the biennial International Poster Festival in Mexico two years earlier because the first prize for engraving was made by roulette daters, in bases it was never stated what kind of processes were approved, but Finally a great discussion took place.And in this edition it was established that will be accepted only through the orthodox method”, he remarked.

They can emulate any style. Photo: Dull E2.

Besides it’s something bad, the teacher recognized that sometimes these kinds of incidents happen so we want to judge and judge in terms of art.

“In that sense, perhaps it might not be so difficult for us to think of it as art (created by AI) because it is nourished by what we already know about our senses. He would object to that.” That he is looking for artificiality, that is, like a magician who is giving you illusions. He hasn’t had a problem before.”

Is this a real hazard in the workplace?

In both Mexico and Latin America the labor sector can be reduced to artists of any branch, for which AI can further complicate the picture. Currently those interested in art have to study other careers where money flows more.

“Now there’s an increase in programmers and they’re playing towards these other sides of technology like video games and cinema…. let’s remember that The percentage of graduates earning a living from arts is 1%”, Pavel Mora.

Also, the professor said, They start watching on social networks, where mostly a teaching or creative narrative has been created, where competition is vigorous and only a few take place. Part of the problem may be that everything is seen as a consumer commodity.

Living with art itself is complicated. Photo: Cuartoscoro.

For now, the situation is not so urgent in case of replacement by machines in one entry. statistical Refers that the automation of jobs in Latin America likely depends on the analysis approach. “For example, if business is taken into account, the possibility that robots or other technologies replace the amount of human labor in Mexico by 48%,” it stands out.

“However, if a task-centred approach is adopted, This chance has been reduced to 7%. This implies that only 7% of the Mexican workforce could be displaced by automation if the necessary technology was available in this country”, the particular site reads.

can become a class issue

This is an issue that does not escape the current economic system, because although there is a certain “democratisation of the media, they are not accessible to all,”Who will be able to access the Artificial Intelligence Platform?…. If there are international competitions, there is obviously inequality because not everyone has the possibility to pay for something like that”, Powell said.

He recognized that there are nations that are a little distant from it and remain “real” with the creation of pieces. “Mud man like hundreds of years ago, and it’s a product that no matter what, it’s worth it,” he said.

AI may represent a “risk”, but for now it’s just a tool

There exists a mix between alarmism and a genuine fear of automation,” remember when in the Industrial Revolution it was also believed that Machines will replace peoplePavel pointed.

It was made through MidJourney. Photo: Special.

Although robots are increasingly capable, Thanks to artificial intelligence, to empathize To show a sense of humor and laugh with the environment and even at the right time, doesn’t mean they can be “human”. These advances have been demonstrated by a team of researchers and technologists from Kyoto University (Japan), who published the findings of their work in the journal Frontiers in Robotics and AI, according to a note released by the EFE agency.

The dilemma may lie on the human-centered aspect, but for Mora, AI in itself is a product that is governed by our own parameters, so A paradigm shift in the arts won’t happen soon“I think those tools are and will be”, as has been done in the past.

“It’s already been, how long has it been since Orlan did and distorted his face as an art concept? In 94. And there are generations that were born and didn’t know it . they are cycles that repeat And they are long gone and tools will remain”

It is true that AI will speed up the process, but the fact that tasks are generated collectively does not mean that they will move people, it’s like action movies, It is a flammable drug. We can think of a new Hollywood movie made with green screens, great technology and great robots, but people love Almodovar.

“But you have to distanceSo that the human quality, which is lost more and more, is not lost any more and becomes a trivial process of the human aspects versus the artificial and avant-garde product of the human aspects, which are so necessary in these times”, he said. Opposed Mora.

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