Why should you avoid charging your cell phone with a broken or fake cable?


Many situations have to be faced a cell phone being Loaded with broken cable or false. It is important to take care of equipment because of its symbolic and economic value to the user, as its use is widespread and distribution with technology in the 21st century is rather a utopia.

The London BBC has listed the potential damage that would result from plugging in a mobile with damaged wires. This may sound harmless, but it is not. There are different factors which are explained below.

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your phone battery is bad

Every mobile has a certain voltage that matches that of its original charger. If the supplement is replaced due to loss, the life of the phone can be reduced by not having the same electrical measurement.

you could get a serious electric shock

A UK agency, Electrical Safety First, found that 98% of counterfeit chargers caused fatal electric shocks in island nation buildings in north-western Europe. To differentiate between the quality of one and the other, it is important to look at the text, grammatical errors, and brand.

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cause of explosion and fire

A faulty charger can cause the phone equipment to overheat and thus cause an explosion or a short circuit. In fact, many homes burn down from the initial electrical discharge.

Also, don’t forget to take into account the useful life of your charger. Avoid rolling or folding it too tightly, do not store it in places where the sun falls or it is subject to high temperatures. Continuous exposure to burning references generates heating of the device. Similarly, keeping it in intimate parts makes the mobile hot.

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