Why Samsung did the right thing by bringing the S Pen to the Galaxy S22 Ultra


Samsung did the right thing by including its iconic Galaxy Note line in the Galaxy S series during its Unpacked event this week. Even if Samsung hasn’t formally announced the phasing out of the Galaxy Note series, it’s obvious that Samsung sees the future of the Galaxy Note in the form of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which comes with S Pen and drool-worthy hardware.

Samsung has had dizzying success with the galaxy Note, But lately, there came a time when critics began to question the necessity of having a Galaxy Note phone next to a Galaxy S series smartphone. The key differentiator, screen size, had become irrelevant in recent years. .

Although speculation abounded about the future of the Note line, Samsung took a half step by introducing the S Pen as an add-on feature for the Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold 3. The biggest downside to this approach was the lack of an S Pen slot on those devices. The no-show of the Galaxy Note 21 last year only sparked speculation that Samsung would slowly kill off the Note line.

A company like Samsung could have retained the Galaxy Note series and continued to release the product even if it is sold in low volume. But the problem was much deeper. It wasn’t just Samsung that was rapidly losing market share one plus Y Apple in the high-end smartphone market, but it had also become increasingly difficult to justify who the target audience for the Note series was.

The Galaxy Note line was the crown jewel in Samsung’s high-end smartphone series. (Image credit: Anuj Bhatia/Indian Express)

The general opinion was that the S series and the Note line had started to overlap in terms of prices and features, especially after the launch of the Galaxy S20 Ultra. From the start, the Note series appealed to a particular section of the smartphone market, especially those who are top business executives and productivity-oriented users. For many, what was a keyboard for Blackberrythe S Pen went to the Galaxy Note.

Ditching the Galaxy Note series entirely for the Galaxy S series would have been a poor choice, given that last year’s Galaxy S21 received a lukewarm response. The only viable option against Samsung was to merge the Galaxy Note and S lines and present the Ultra-branded smartphone as the only phone that has the S-series DNA with the added productivity of the S-Pen. This not only simplifies Samsung’s complicated lineup of smartphones, but also allows the company to focus on devices like the Z Fold 3, which have the potential to make more money as the foldable market matures.

The arrival of the Galaxy S22 Ultra gives the S series lineup a sense of purpose and target audience, which has been missing from past generations of devices. This could give the Galaxy S series a boost in terms of sales, giving consumers the feeling that the S22 Ultra is the only high-end smartphone with a built-in S-Pen. Because previously when you look for a flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S21 Ultra was just another option among a sea of ​​flagships.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Galaxy S22 Ultra, Galaxy S22 Ultra price in India, Galaxy S22, Samsung Unpacked 2022, Galaxy Note The Galaxy S22 Ultra comes with the Note’s signature S Pen stylus and borrows the square Note design, with powerful performance and advanced camera capabilities from the Galaxy S series. (Image credit: Samsung)

But the biggest message I got during the Unpacked event was how Samsung is making the Note brand relevant despite not selling a dedicated smartphone series. What many don’t realize is that the S Pen isn’t just a stylus; it is more of an experience that combines hardware and software. To me, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is a Galaxy Note device, but it’s aimed at ordinary users who want a high-end smartphone that focuses on productivity and creativity.

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