Why is adherence important in the treatment of asthma?


For many people, it is common to feel unwell, visit any medical center for treatment, especially for people with asthma; However, how effective can a doctor’s instructions be if the patient does not follow them?

According to WHO, adherence to treatment is the degree to which a person adheres to a medicinal prescription as indicated. Against this background, Dr. Alfredo Pachas, founder of the Peruvian Pulmonology Center and expert in pulmonology, described the importance of adherence in the treatment of asthma as well as the consequences of not taking proper follow-up.

an important follow-up

Despite the recommendations the treating physicians may give to their patients, Dr. Pachus says that, at times, some people consider asthma treatment inefficient or inefficient, when what is actually the case is that doctors or medications signs are less followed. prescribed for the management of the said disease. Low adherence, for example, when a patient does not use an inhaler properly, or does not take inhalations at the right time, etc.

In view of this, experts recommend that patients with asthma attach due importance to following a doctor’s instructions to prevent complications that may arise, such as exacerbations, hospitalizations, emergency room admissions, and other situations. . “A patient who doesn’t adhere to his treatment is definitely going to have an inadequate response to his medication,” he said.

consequences of low adherence

Although the recovery or treatment of asthma is in the hands of the specialist doctor, Dr. Pachus indicates that the patient’s role should also be prominent during the procedure, as, if they do not, the symptoms they present, such as drowning. As a sensation, they can be persistent.

“It depends not only on the doctor making a good prescription, but also on using it at the right time to produce the right effect and the right effect on the patient,” the expert stressed.

Similarly, Dr. Pachas pointed out that, if asthmatic patients do not adhere well to the treatment of the disease, the patient, apart from affecting his health, may be hospitalized in an emergency.

It should be noted that, a pulmonologist and asthma specialist Dr. According to Renato Casanova, some habits that asthma patients can integrate into their daily lives to treat the disease are a balanced diet, physical activities, avoiding a sedentary lifestyle and avoiding tobacco use, vaping or any other inhaled substances.

Asthma, also known as bronchial obstruction syndrome, which affects the respiratory system, is one of the problems faced by entities in the health sector. For this reason, the execution of campaigns or initiatives for prevention and education in the community is critical to improving their approach, management, and treatment.

If you would like to learn more about asthma management in Peru, revisit the webinar “Asmazero: Overview and Treatment in Peru after the Epidemic” at the following link.


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