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I see that we have made no progress, or very little, when it comes to getting a woman to wear one size or another, to be one way or another, to stick with that one, or with the other. You have to excuse yourself to live. Misogyny slips through the cracks and we hardly notice it.

It is worrying and encouraging that public condemnation of repeatedly insulting one of this city’s political representatives goes viral, adding comments and adhesion, but it is still disturbing to have to forgive the offended person himself. Will happen. Valencia’s deputy mayor Sandra Gomez’s remarks suggesting that her pregnancy caused her hypothyroidism should teach us that women still have a long way to go, always proving who we are.

Sandra Gomez, Vice Mayor of Valencia

Valencia City Council

Can you imagine any other mayor explaining that those extra kilos are due to illness, gluttony or “because I felt so”? Not me. No one would have been the victim of humiliation if it was a man who was pointed out. No, I don’t start with any political preference, I just sympathize with a young woman who has just given birth, who works outside and (I imagine) indoors, whose public There are also responsibilities and who posted two days ago on a social network two personal photos (one before and one after) to show its development and to justify itself when no one, I repeat, no one should do. This is what happens to the sorority, so recently battered.

Can you imagine any other mayor explaining that those extra kilos are due to illness, gluttony or “because I felt so”?

Why has he done this? I think the reason behind his explanation, well given and argued, is something of a wounded man that has not been respected. And you have a right to be hurt. But, from woman to woman, from mother to mother who knows what it means to give birth, gain weight, lose weight and not reach for everything (or yes, sometimes), I would like to tell you that No one has to tell you what you weigh or stop weighing.

Their policies, their decisions, mistakes and successes should be the only things to be discussed in front of an open microphone. The rest, they may think – that the idea is free, the more lack thereof – but it is not necessary to share it, nor give it fuel or loudspeakers. Even the word free hurts. We all know it, but won’t let it happen anymore.

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