Why don’t modern phones have removable batteries anymore?


one of the most common features in old telephone was the presence of removable battery, which can be changed by the same users. However, this component has disappeared in almost all modern mobilewho is now a non-removable battery, Despite this, there is more than one reason behind this change adopted by cell phone manufacturers. Do you want which one? Here we tell you.

What does it mean that the battery is not removable?

unlike the old Phonesmodern model integrated a sealed battery Which is attached to the electronic body of the device, and does not require a rear panel. In this sense, it cannot be removed by the users, rather, in order to remove them, it is necessary to resort to a specialized technician.

Why don’t cell phones have removable batteries anymore?

Although the removable battery had many advantages and was a good way to turn it off frozen phoneManufacturers consider this feature obsolete and it goes against the current demands of users who are looking for faster devices. modern You thin, The main reasons are the following:

  • slimmer phone: According to Android Central, the removable battery was a real impediment for manufacturers to develop a thin and all-screen mobile, as this component made the device thick and also took up space.
  • Avoid Equipment Damage: Although removable batteries could be easily removed, many users used poor quality batteries. Being attached to the body of the mobile, it can only be removed by a technician.
  • Secure Mobile: With the battery assembled inside, thieves will have a much harder time disabling the tracking features.
  • Waterproof: Now with no back cover and becoming a unibody device, there is less chance of any liquid entering the interior of the mobile which can damage it.

How to know if your smartphone will no longer receive Android updates?

google operating system, Android, launches continuous updates to add interesting functions that allow the user to make better use of his smartphone; However, not all phones receive it. For this reason, we show you how you can know if your mobile will have newer versions of the OS.

Android 11 is the next version of the operating system that will seamlessly reach an interesting bunch of smartphones along with an update. Although Google hasn’t published an official list with all the phone brands, there are some pretty reliable indicators that will answer this.

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