Why don’t I have electricity if there is no damage to the poles and lines near my house?


Delaying the restoration of electrical energy service to their home or community adds to the annoyance of many citizens because they do not see physical damage to electric poles or power lines. Hurricane Fiona, Obviously, a little patience wears off as the days go by when faced with the question of why it took so long to restore power if that infrastructure was not destroyed.

During a press conference today, the company Luma Energy And this electric power authority (ESA) tried to clarify.

“Since you look at an infrastructure that has no damage, it doesn’t mean that this infrastructure can be activated,” said engineer Josu Kolan, executive director of PREPA.

He added that “to activate this”, the LUMA control center “must have determined that there is sufficient generation to put that load into service”.

“I know that part is desperate, because you say ‘nothing happened here’ and everything is apparently in good shape, and (they wonder) why don’t I have the energy?” Cologne commented.

“Well, one of the reasons is that critical loads are being activated, which have a high priority,” Koln said, referring to hospitals, medical equipment factories and Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (AAA) plants.

Typically, these questions arise from neighbors who say that “all that’s left is to upload a ‘mache’ (fuse)” so that electricity reaches homes in an area.

For their part, engineer Daniel Hernandez, a spokesman for LUMA, assured that they “know about those pockets or areas that raising the ‘mache’ will have the energy they will have, but the generation that we have.” available, we want to reach that critical infrastructure first.”

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