Why did La Salle, a university in Mexico, expel the students of the French Exchange?


Mexico saw dislike foreigners that some French students demonstrated when they arrived in the country to study as an exchange student De La Salle Bajio University, Twitter was the medium by which Mexican citizens condemned the aggressive and racist behavior of young people. Taking action on the matter, the educational officers gave them the respective approval.

What did the French students do that hurt the whole of Mexico?

On Instagram, the boys posted photos and made comments defaming Mexican citizens and disrespecting the national symbol, the Mexican flag., In the images shared on the Meta social network, the following description can be identified: “first month with swadeshi,

This wasn’t the only act that caused outrage from users, as a photo of young people showed a boy sitting on a toilet. He had put his pants down and wore a Mexican flag to cover himself.

Given this, it began Requests De La Salle University, Government agencies and the French Embassy to inspect the matter and take necessary measures.

French La Salle students published photos that were offensive to Mexico and its citizens. Photo: @El_Alvarados/Twitter

What was the response of De La Salle University?

De La Salle University In a statement, he conveyed his position through his Twitter, regarding the youth who had gone to Mexico for an exchange. In this document he pointed out that the students were in an international setting within the institution; Even then, Because of their behaviour, they will be returned to France and their parent institution where they will receive the relevant sanctions.,

“Coexistence in harmony and respect for others is a priority. In our community, there can be no place for expression that reflects any form of discrimination, racism and intolerance,” the comment read.

De La Salle Bajio University announced in a statement what steps they took to approve exchange students. Photo: @DeLaSalleBajio/Twitter

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