Why Cristiano Ronaldo wore special mouthguard during matches and surprising reason revealed

During the early stages of his career Cristiano Ronaldo was often spotted wearing a mouthguard.

During the early stages of Cristiano Ronaldo’s illustrious career, he was often spotted wearing a special mouthguard during games, and whilst many thought it was for protection, the mouthguard had a fascinating purpose.

Ronaldo wore the product during the late naughties and early 2010s, around the same time he made the world record move from Manchester United to Real Madrid for £80m.

This era was the beginning of the concept of Ronaldo himself as a brand, with the attacker getting his own personal boot design with Nike as he became the face of the company.

This heightened attention meant everything Ronaldo did, wore, or said was at the peak of interest for football fans, so it’s no surprise when he was spotted sporting a mouthguard fans wanted to know why.

The most obvious answer for an athlete wearing a mouthguard is for protection, with Liverpool’s Endo currently doing so in the Premier League this season.

“I just wear it to protect my teeth and also it looks like a fighter, so when I go into the pitch I just put the mouthpiece on and it’s like game mode,” Endo told Sky Sports.

However, the five-time Ballon d’Or winners reason was far more technical, with the product claiming to improve balance strength speed endurance agility power accuracy.

Ronaldo wasn’t the only athlete wearing the product at the time, as Shaquille O’Neal and Evander Holyfield also used the product for performance benefit.

Cristiano Ronaldo - Getty

Cristiano Ronaldo – Getty

The mouth guard was marketed to function by aligning and relaxing the muscles in the face and jaw, potentially leading to improved strength and balance.

Some theories also suggest that jaw position could impact posture and stability in individuals.

However, there is currently still no concrete evidence supporting a direct relationship between jaw position and gross motor performance.

It is safe to say Ronaldo wasn’t sold on the idea either, as it is not something the Portugal captain continued to wear throughout his career.

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