‘Why are they afraid of Escuela de Todos?’, by Isabel Fernández Alonso


Analyzing the criticisms of the demonstration “Spanish, vehicular language”​​​​​​​ is found in importance of the civic movement Escuela de Todosthat defends an educational system oriented to the formation of citizens where our common language coexist normally alongside Catalan and Aranese.

Between these criticism (outbursts of social networks apart) two stand out: the volume of protesters (Assuming, of course!, the number of the always fair Urban Guard) and the presence in the act of the forces of the right of the political spectrum.

The first is answered (without additions) with this splendid phrase from the monumental essay about freedomof stuart mill: “If all humanity shared the same opinion and there was only one person against it, humanity would have no more right to silence the discordant than this one, if it could, to silence humanity.”

To the second reply very well people like William of the Valleydirector of The Jacobinvery belligerent with the identity drift of the left, and that, by the way! went to the demonstration. Of course there was the left!, but the uninhibited leftthe one that has not lost the north and, although now it does not have a presence in parliaments, it continues to support the causes that it considers fair, knowing that no one is infected by the thoughts of others by coinciding in a photo.

In any case, the point is that, if we were so few and we were so badly accompanied (understand the irony), what is all the fuss about? pathetic, by the way paul churchespointing, at the gathering the next day in The world in RAC1 (the most listened to in Catalonia), that the professionals of ABC Y The world they lie to collect their payroll at the end of the month. He, who tried to control RTVE at the first opportunity!, as demonstrated in great detail by the then director of Public.

It worries a lot Everyone’s School. That’s why, nationalists and the like try to disavow it any way at all. What happens is that now that infamous “because only one family asks for it…” is no longer valid. Now it turns out that it is requested by a platform that integrates 15 associationssome, by the way, with an open profile progressive. Now it turns out there are 1,600 families those who have signed the petition 25% judgment enforcement. Now it turns out that (although the big Catalan media have done their best to silence or minimize what is happening) an avalanche of articles by journalists and intellectuals embarrassed by the democratic exception what does it mean deprive of education in Spanish to a part of the Spaniards. Now it turns out that the fact that regulations have been approved in Catalonia to prevent the execution of a sentence that protected the linguistic rights of minors is frequently on many front pages and gatherings. Now it turns out that the size of the iceberg is beginning to be sensed, because quite a few teachers (Free Teachers) and even some inspectors who are not followers of the regime have come out to confirm that the nationalistic delusion It invades individual freedoms to such an extent that there are even attempts to condition personal communications in educational centers. All this while the champions of immersion they have the audacity to commit to bilingual and trilingual education for their children.

Now it turns out, in short, that the Catalan school “does touch”, that what happens there has definitely entered the media and political agendas. And something very important: it turns out that the leaders of Escuela de Todos (Ana LosadaJoseph Sunday, elda killsRafael Arenas, Jesus Rul, Carlos Silva…) they are exceptionally qualified people, with very firm convictions and with an impeccable track record, who are not going to give up because they did not do so at a time when everything seemed lost. Believe me when I tell you that I prefer them in my foxhole.

What difference does it make if we were 2,800 or 200,000? The important is that the message (an honest and seamless message) begins to sinkand its strength seems unstoppable.

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