Why are earthquakes important in nature? UNAM expert explains


Gerardo Suarez ReynosaResearchers at the Institute of Geophysics of UNAMpointed out that earthquakes are important to nature, as it is a way of releasing energy stored in nature. tectonic plates.

In an interview with Guadalupe Juárez and Sergio Sarmiento of the El Heraldo media group, he said, “The tremors occur when the motion of tectonic plates shakes. Earthquakes are meant to release energy.”

Therefore, he said that it is important to see that enough mechanism to protect itself of these events. He indicated that these included education in civil defense and the proper construction of buildings.

At the same time, he rejected that there is an obvious reason for Telluric movements to be of a temporary nature, as has been proposed with the month of September. “It’s just a coincidence” Detailed.

“There is no physical or geological reason that tells us that there are more aftershocks in September and less on September 19,” he said.

in the subject replicas, the expert noted that this is a common occurrence of tremors. Although he explained that this is somewhat complex and variable, he assured that, following the events experienced in recent days, there will be fewer and smaller republics every day.


September, the month with the highest seismicity in Mexico

September 2021 This is the month with the highest recorded earthquakes in Mexico in the past 12 months. According to data from the National Seismic Service, from September 2021 to August 2022, 29 thousand 131 earthquake with epicenter in Mexican region With a magnitude between 1 to 7.1.

They were registered in September 2021 two thousand 997 earthquake, 10.2% of those registered last year, and the epicenter was primarily focused on the Pacific Coast and the Gulf of California.

This is followed by the month of December 2021, in which 2,953 earthquakes occur; With 2,813 aftershocks in November 2021, and 2,488 in January 2022.

The largest earthquake ever recorded between September 2021 and August 2022 occurred September 8, 2021 at 20:47, and the magnitude was With epicenter in 7.1 Guerrero state.

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