‘Who wears the medals of the Government?’, by Joaquín Romero


While a part of Junts per Catalunya, that of the worse the better, insists on leaving the Government and leave ERC hanging from the brush, another fight for doing the opposite, getting all the medals you can from government management further straining relations with the Republicans, whom he tries to expose and who for the moment have opted for prudence.

The strategy of the non-rupturist neoconvergent sector has been launched just after the holidays with the ostensible role of its directors, which in some cases is a real slap in the face for their colleagues and for the same Pedro Aragonesethat in parallel tries come out of the shadow without great results.

The last example of this flight forward was carried out yesterday by the Minister of Health, Joseph Maria Argimonannouncing with great fanfare his plan to prohibit tobacco on the terraces of bars and restaurants and other public spaces; a plan that he will not present to the rest of the Consell Executiu until next month.

Before making the announcement, he did verify the great social support for the measure, so he is sure that he will obtain the necessary consensus for it to go ahead, including the ERC partners, whom he did not mention at any time. roger torrentBusiness Counselor, with competences in the Sector of the restorationY Josep Gonzalez-Cambray, head of Education – one of the places where you will not be able to smoke are the entrances of schools -, they will be informed in October.

Last Thursday Jordi Puigneroresponsible for Digital Policies, presented at a press conference the draft digital wallet for mobiles and he did it hand in hand with Argimon because the first card to be included in that kind of purse It will be the health Although it is also true that both militate in the neoconvergent party.

They also belong to JxCat Lourdes Ciuro -Justice- and Viola Cervera -Social Rights-, who on Wednesday announced in unison to the media their intention to modify the Catalan Civil Code to make it possible for city councils and neighborhood communities to initiate the eviction of squatters who disturb order and coexistence. A measure that is undoubtedly very popular due to the numerous cases of property squatting that become a real nightmare for the surrounding people. After finding out from the press, the Minister of the Interior, John Ignatius ElenaIt occurred to him to complain and he was warned that the matter had nothing to do with him or with the powers of his department.

It is difficult that with these methods there can be collaboration within the Government; it is another way to burst it, from within.

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