Who is Daniel Barragán, the new defense minister who succeeds Richard Tineo?


In the appointment of the ministers number 71 and 72, the president peter castle made swear to the officer of the Peruvian Armed Forces (r) Daniel Barraganan acquaintance of the electoral campaigns and work in the public sector, to assume the Defense office.

Since the beginning of the year, four profiles have presided over the Ministry of Defence (Mindef). The one who lasted less was General EP (r) Richard TineoQuispemade official on August 24 and replaced on September 23.

Barragán ran for the 2016 congressional elections and the 2021 presidential elections

In 2016, Solidaridad Nacional, the party founded by the late Luis Castañeda Lossio, still existed. Daniel Barragán applied with number 10 to the congressional list of Lima.

He came to promote himself together with Nano Guerra – today the spokesman for Fujimorism – before his candidacy for the presidency in May 2016 was withdrawn by party decision.

Barragán: from Guerra García, Humala Tasso to Castillo Terrones. Opportunism. Photo: @ErikRivera_/Twitter

The new head of Defense also aspired to the second vice-presidency of the Republic for Union Peru in 2021, the party that bet those elections on the candidacy of the now former prisoner —but then a fenced— Antauro Humala Tasso.

Once the nomination of the ethnocacerist chief, José Vega, from the same political group, was prevented, he assumed the void.

Career in the public sector

Graduated in Aerospace Administration Sciences from the School of Officers of the Peruvian Air Force, Barragán was coordinating advisor to the Congress of the Republic, vacated by then President Martín Vizcarra.

He also managed social programs at the macro-regional level at the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion from October 2020 to January 2022, according to his LinkedIn account.

past business

Barragán was manager of Maintenance and Manufacturing SA Constrat GRLE since February 1, 1994. The main activity of the irregular company, trade name Manfasa general contractors, was the construction of complete buildings. He was discharged on September 6, four years after he began contributing tributes.

He was also manager of the CONSTRUCTORA SMC CONTRATISTAS GENERA SA since November 8, 1995. The company was dedicated, until December 5, 1998, to the “architecture and engineering activity”, according to the consultation in Sunat.

Finally, he chaired the board of PLUS SEGUSER SA since February 13, 1997, still holding his position as manager at CONSTRUCTORA SMC CONTRATISTAS GENERA SA.

PLUS SEGUSER SA was the company that remained in the market the longest under his command. For six years he did “investigative and security activities.”

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