When will the use of masks not be mandatory in Peru?


use of masks would be in the past. Ministry of HealthThrough the National Center for Epidemiology, Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) issued its decision that masks No longer mandatory and should be used only in hospitals and transport services.

“Changes have been made to the rules. Now the use of masks will only be mandatory in vehicles, hospitals and clinics or anyone having a respiratory procedure,” the head of Minassa said at a news conference.

When will the masks be banned in Lima and the provinces?

The rule will begin to come into force the day after its publication in the official newspaper El Peruano. “It should come out tomorrow (23 September) as the signings with the ministers living abroad still need to be completed.”, indicated Health Minister Jorge López Pea.

The reasons why MINSA would have made this decision, the head of the region said, “there has been a decrease in the number of cases and an increase in the number of vaccinations, which is why we are taking these measures.”

Will the vaccination card remain mandatory?

One of the changes that was announced is that two years after the pandemic, the mandatory use of vaccination cards was abolished and will now only be asked of people entering abroad.

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