When McConnell came close to condemning Trump


The excuses seemed to end on 6 January 2021, During the attack on Capitol Hill to block the transfer of powers to newly elected Joe Biden, still-President Donald Trump crossed all the boundaries that had separated him from the end of his political career. Or so believed Mitch McConnell, the current leader of the Republican minority in the Senate, who was touching the end of his close enemy, whom he considered a threat to American democracy. On that fateful day in recent Washington history, he called some of his activists together and told them: “We all know Trump is crazy. I’m done with him. I’ll never talk to him again.”

However, McConnell voted to declare indictment This was done against Trump, and to acquit the former president during his second trial in the Senate, despite the fact that he was closer to convicting him than previously believed.

What happened between one defining moment and another for McConnell to change his mind is one of the plots of the book. Unchecked: The Untold Story Behind Donald Trump’s Failed Impeachment of Congress (Out of Control: The Untold Story Behind Congress’s Failed Imputations of Donald Trump), by Washington journalists Rachel Bade and Karaon Demirjian, to be published October 18 by William Morrow Publishing. Washington Post is offered this wednesday Preview of its contents.

“While McConnell was set to eliminate Trump, his party was not. To his annoyance, a large portion of its membership once again clustered around the former president,” write Baden and Demirjian. Among those Republicans One of those who were convinced to stand with the tycoon was the young senator, also from Kentucky, Rand Paul, who on January 26 voted for his co-religionists to rule out the unconstitutionality of the trial that he was in. , who had already left the White House. McConnell was not convinced by that argument, but neither did he have the courage to “lead such a rebellion” against another Republican, a party for which He has literally dedicated a lifetime. According to an upcoming book, “I wasn’t sure I was up for it.”

Not only did he support the motion for unconstitutionality, but he did not do so despite his doubts. Voting in favor of impeachment against former president When on February 13 his moment came in the Senate. That day, McConnell launched with everything, and who knows, some harsh statements against Trump, accusing him of “shameful neglect of his duties,” by swimming and taking off his clothes. He also said: “There is no doubt that President Trump is morally and decisively responsible for bringing about the events of that day. Those who stormed this Capitol believed that he acted on his will and instructions.” are doing.” Then why did you vote? Because indictmentThere is, he confirmed, a “limited tool” destined to remove an officer from his post and not prosecute him afterwards.

Three days later, the former president issued a statement that said To McConnell of “Politicucho Slack”, Sad and sad.” “The Republican Party will never win or be respected or strong again with ‘leaders’ like Senator Mitch McConnell. McConnell’s lifelong dedication to politics, his lack of vision, knowledge, skill and character, has quickly taken him from majority leader to minority leader and it only gets worse.”

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The animosity between the two characters is no secret that no book, no matter how publicized, has come to reveal. recent test This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden and the Battle for America’s Future (This Will Not Happen: Trump, Biden, and the Battle for the Future of America, Simon & Schuster) had previously revealed that McConnell was upbeat about the idea that his participation on January 6 could spell the end of Trump. Maybe, which he called “the lowly man”.

The Senate minority leader was never a saint of the former president’s devotion, but since those days he has made him one of his favorite targets of abuse. His supporters identify McConnell with everything wrong with the Republican Party.

He is not the only one of the members to receive consistent friendly fire after more than a year. Mitt RomneyThe Utah senator, a former presidential candidate in 2012, went down in history as the only Republican who voted in favor of impeachment of former presidentAnd the fight continues to get Trump to lift his boot on the future of the formation.

Liz Cheney, who lost her position in an August primary held in her state of Wyoming, is most prominent among the 10 accomplices in Congress who pleaded guilty to her in that political trial. She lost by a wide margin against Harriet Heijman, a candidate close to Trump. The excerpt published Wednesday said Cheney called on McConnell to “use his leadership position and face the president.” It was not one, and remains in its position. Cheney acknowledged, and still believes (hence his pivotal role in the January 6 Investigative Committee hearing) that the former president represents a serious threat to democracy in the United States.

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