WhatsApp: Trick to convert voice notes to text without installing external apps


WhatsApp It has many tools that allow us to improve our day to day communication, we can exchange texts, documents, audio or video files and even make calls.

sometimes we get voice notes And our devices are busy with other activities or connected to speakers or others that can play at full volume, messages we don’t want others to know, so this type of message is a good option to pass in text.

To do this, we need a Robot, It is available for computers as well as our cell phones and is very easy to use, it requires completing the following steps:

  1. As a first step we need to add the robot to our contacts, the phone number is as follows +14156809230, Since we have added the bot, all we have to do is open Whatsapp, Click on the message icon.
  2. The list of all our contacts will open and we have to choose robot It is very important to mention that this could be a privacy vulnerability, as all messages to be processed and transferred in text will be listened to by the platform.
  3. once you have taken into account Privacy AlertTo do this conversion, we need to resend the voice memo, after that it will start doing the audio to text translation.
Audio to text.
Photo: WhatsApp.
  1. the robot automatically will return audio, but now converted to text, It is important that it be clear and strong because if it is combined with noise from the road, or other elements, the translation may not be done correctly, which is the only negative point to consider something as negative.

in this way you can convert voice notes In text if we can’t hear the audio that contacts send us, it also has a help tool in case you need more information about the process done by said bot.

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