WhatsApp has a secret camera: we tell you how to activate it and what it’s for


WhatsApp Each time it adds more functions that make use more comfortable for all people, they add fluidity and other new options to be able to communicate, although some of it is a bit hidden from view and unless you Don’t spend your time checking all the news on the forum, you won’t be able to find them.

In addition to sending, sending and receiving text messages, we can also swap other items Since they are multimedia that includes audio and video, as well as taking pictures directly from the application or with the camera already included in our device, a trick has recently appeared that we will tell you about below.

whatsapp trick

This trick is currently only available in the system android operatingNamely, not everyone who is from Apple at the moment can run it, which contains a “secret camera” within the application, as a first step enough to verify which version we have.

Remember you won’t need third party applications Since everything is done officially, it is also important to have the latest and most updated version, to verify this, it is enough to open the google store, search for whatsapp and if it appears just uninstall and open , so that means we have the most recent.

Once we have verified that everything is correct, we should go to the main screen of our device, press where there is no icon and select Widgets, we should look for the ones that are in the category WhatsAppThere’s a camera inside it, we just press it on it, release it and put it where we want it.

Once whatsapp widget On the screen, it will ask if you want to activate the camera, we just press yes and we will have direct access to the hidden camera of the application.

This is a very functional trick. If we send enough pictures taken with our device through the said platform, remember to put it in a comfortable place so that you can open it as soon as possible, there are others in the same section We can take advantage of shortcuts like direct message, read conversation from main screen and much more without opening the application.

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so you can find it even when your android phone is turned off

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