WhatsApp comes to Windows! Here we explain how to install this new application


WhatsApp has been updated to add new jobs Which helps the users to improve the communication experience within the app. There is a desktop version for one of these tools. windows, that has been officially launched after several months of testing.

The desktop version allows you to maintain a session of WhatsApp is activated, so you can resume your conversations without having to log in every time you have access, something that was very annoying for many users of the web version.

As of today, the WhatsApp desktop app is no longer in beta, Windows OS users will be able to download the official app through the WhatsApp Store. Microsoft Store.

desktop application WhatsAppAside from better fluidity and a cleaner interface than the previous version, it maintains a very similar design to the web version, with the main difference being that you no longer need to keep your phone connected to the application.

How to get WhatsApp application on Windows?

To get the WhatsApp application on Windows, simply enter the Application Store, Microsoft Store, and search for the app in the Search section. After that, it needs to be downloaded and installed.

Microsoft Store.
Herald of Mexico.

Once this is done, logging in once will be enough for the account to remain active.

WhatsApp App.
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For now, this app brings with it some limitations; For example, if you a. make use of iPhone As a primary tool, you cannot delete the chat; You can’t even send messages with the link preview from WhatsApp Web.

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