What will the weather be like in Barcelona during the La Merce 2022 festivities?


This is another act of celebration mars. As tradition assures that the festival of patron saint of barcelonaSince it is not soaked in water, being aware of the sky is part of the rituals of the celebration.

And what is expected to happen this year? The week of La Mercè 2022 has a fixed . started with StabilityBut meteorological calm in the Catalan capital It will end precisely on the day of the Proclamation: this Friday 23,

Why would the weather be bad? The person responsible for this, as detailed by the State Meteorological Agency (amete), this is a Atlantic Front which has spread to the Iberian Peninsula and in Catalonia since Thursday we will start to notice this Friday afternoon.

According to GFS model this error will bring heavy rain, especially facing Friday afternoon-night and Saturday morning and afternoon. Many operations of MERS are under threat. Also, confirm The drop in temperature coincides with the onset of autumn. The Generalitat has already activated warnings for internal rain in the coastal provinces (including Barcelona) due to the risk of intense rain between Friday afternoon and Saturday.

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As explained by Emmett this Thursday, there will be an episode of widespread rainfall from the afternoon of the 23rd to Sunday the 25th that may occur locally Strong and stormy. They will be able to store up to 60 liters per square meter in 72 hours over large areas of Catalonia. there will be one on saturday Day temperature drops between 2 to 5 degrees, while the minimum on Sunday, will fall slightly higher. During the weekend, the wind will be moderate and variable loosening from the north over the coast and into the interior. Monday’s forecast is not yet clear.

Thus, with all reservations, there are highlights of Mercy Festivalwhich will be held from 23 September to Monday 26, passed through water,

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