What obstacles to peace in Colombia threaten?


President of Institute of Studies for Development and Peace Camilo González Poso, Colombia’s (Indepaz), comments on the main obstacles that threaten the peace and the good life of citizens. Latin AmericaA region that has historically been marked by conflicts and social unrest.

First, González Poso emphasizes that finding peace comes under pressure. integrate area In the game of hegemony between world powers that are at risk from wars.

Regarding actions that threaten the peace, Posso noted the following: “There are obstacles that are concerned with international Relationfirmness of extractivist model as the key Mobility and constraints. Furthermore, from the point of view of international crimeThere is a series of mafia and dynamics that have to be faced in unity”.

Similarly, González Poso emphasizes that peace is threatened when states do not operate on the basis of transparency, the fight against corruption and participatory solidarity.

Furthermore, he pointed out that, in the case of Latin America, “Peace has many dimensions, among them, the problems that arise due to peace with nature. Climate change From Latin American Unity”.

Peace in Latin America has to do with the conditions in which its citizens live. , Photo: CharryTV.com

What is peace?

Peace according to Gonzalez Poso Guarantee human rightsFreedom from fear, freedom from the dignity and authority of social subjects. “Peace is the attainment of the path of progressive welfare, the overcoming of suffering, the expansion of democracy and the abolition of weapons,” he insists.

What is the world like without peace?

The President of Indepaz highlights that there is no peace in many areas. For example Ukraine Faces a true army and clash of powers.

,Peace is not the only silence of arms Nor is the prevention of criminality, the realization of the welfare and rights of the population. It is to increase the opportunity for people’s happiness and joy, which is peace”, explains González Poso.

peace process in colombia

With regard to action in the face of obstacles that threaten peace in Colombia, González Poso highlighted the following:

“The total approach has been made with agreement and overcoming conflicts and guerrillas in Colombia. On the other hand, it will be necessary to implement peace agreement It was signed in 2016 between the Colombian state and the FARC.

Third, Poso points out that the importance of social justice should be explored. Finally, it states that dialogue is necessary to end armed conflicts.

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