What is the situation with the 2022 Club World Cup?


as champions league winners, real madrid Earned tickets to two other competitions that they can add to their trophy cabinet.

these are European Super Cup And this club world cup, But while all the details for the continental title have been finalized, there are many doubts about it. 2022 Club World Cup,

The event of the World Cup in Qatar, which takes place from November 21 to December 18, leaves no place in the calendar of the Club World Cup, which was played in the second and third weeks of 2019, before being hit by the pandemic. of December.

That window in the calendar now appears closed for the tournament, which is also organized by FIFA.

Forecasts point to the last days of February 2023 and the first days of March 2023 to hold the tournament.

But in those two months, the Champions League round of 16 will be played, which could affect Madrid’s participation if Los Blancos goes past the group stage.

As of today, there is no venue for the tournament, which in its previous edition was played in the United Arab Emirates.

UEFA representative Chelsea won the title by defeating Brazil last year Palm trees Ultimately.

The lack of a defined venue also affects the list of participants, as FIFA reserves a spot for the host nation’s champion. At the moment, only three clubs are theoretically guaranteed a place in the tournament: real madrid, Seattle Sounders and Futured Casablanca,

The champions of the Copa Libertadores, the Asian Champions League and the Oceania Champions League are yet to be decided.

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