What happens if I lose weight after a fat transfer?


Dr. Planas solves a very frequent question in patients who undergo this type of surgery


Healthy Body | What happens if I lose weight after a fat transfer?

Today at Corpore Sano we are going to resolve a very common question about fat transfer. Lipotransfer -or lipofilling- is a surgical intervention in which we remove fat from the patient from an area where there is excess, such as the abdomen or cartridge belts, and we introduce it in another area where you want to increase the volume. Some of the most common areas for fat injection are the chest, the buttocks and even – in smaller amounts – the chin or jaw.

This technique offers very good, very natural results and rarely give rise to complications since the fat we use is, as we have said, from the patient himself, so it will not generate rejection. The limitation of this technique, on the other hand, is that the patient has enough excess fat to achieve the desired result.

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