What Happens at Ateneu Barcelona by Olga Marino?


Near me . I’ve been having a great time ateneu barcelonaas a young girl, when I was studying—in fact, I’m still a student—and many years later, as teacher in writing school, directed by two gladiators named Pau Perez and Louise Marty. Delicious afternoons under the palm trees in the garden or the precious terrace of the library, where an important collection of 250,000 volumes is kept. well andThey recently fired the librarian of all time, Alex Kosielshas triggered several resignations on the board of directors and questioned the style – authoritarian, they say – unit president, filmmaker isona pasola,

There is a rumor surrounding the gossip that one of the reasons for the librarian’s dismissal was the purchase of books in Spanish. Wrong, shots don’t go like this. The rumble reacts instead to the balance of power between the families of the independence movementBetween ERC and JuntsxCat – the matter already creates a cosmic idleness – and above all poor financial management, except for the ravages of the pandemic. For now, the extraordinary call for a shareholders meeting does not appear unreasonable.

writing school

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I worry the chaos will harm them writing school, but perhaps the time has come to state this: the relationship between the Education Center and Atenu has not been fluid. When the school opened its doors in 1998, offering classes in the rooms of the Savasona Palace, Its students, who have already enrolled 2,400, slowly breathe life into For an institution that seemed gray and gray. However, despite the money brought in by the school, the treatment of the entourage has often been one of apathy and a sore throat. And it is already known that tired ropes entangle, that even the hens that lay golden eggs die by hanging. A friend of mine has a saying I love: “What happens is convenient”, so maybe it’s time to wind up Attenu’s chest, putting all the cards on the table.

Meanwhile, the statue of Josep Pla overlooks the fire and red fish in the pond from one of the walls of the romantic garden, with a sarcastic smile of “Ja hum ho feru”. Legend has it that, on one occasion, they caught him tearing up the pages of a newspaper in the Attenu library and, when trying to open a file on it, he found that was not a participant in life,

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