What does the message “Changed your security code” mean on WhatsApp?


Whatsapp is messaging platform which we use in our daily life to communicate with both our friends and family Android like in iOSThrough calls, messages, voice notes, photos and videos. However, there are some features that few users know about. One of these texts is “Changed my security code” Which usually appears in individual and group interactions. what does this mean? We will tell you in the following paragraphs.

For users’ peace of mind, this WhatsApp message does not represent a threat, so they should not be concerned when this message appears in their messaging account. Furthermore, the platform is constantly working on it to keep track of the activities of Internet users within it.

What does the message “Changed your security code” mean on WhatsApp?

End-to-end encrypted chat Between one user and another they have their own security code which is used to verify that the calls and messages sent are completely secure.

So, when you get a notification in a WhatsApp chat with a contact and it indicates that your security code has changed, it means that there is a new encryption code for the conversation to protect the members of the conversation.

As per information released by WhatsApp In their official blog, this change occurs when the user reinstalls the instant messaging app or changes their phone number. This happens when the person carrying out the said process is a contact of yours on the platform.

this issue WhatsApp It is also found on the Contact Information screen in QR code format and as 60 digits.


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