West’s moral outrage meets a skeptical and multipolar world at the United Nations


same day occupied territory of Ukraine announced its intention to submit to a “referendum & rdquor”; Its merger with Russia, a movement choreographed Moscow who served Vladimir Putin For Mobilize 300,000 reservoirs the next day In a serious escalation of conflict, Emmanuel Macron went to the pulpit United Nations General Assembly. “Those who are silent today are serving in some way or the other new imperialisma contemporary cynic who is destroying world Order”, confirmed the French President, deployed all moral outrage He Russian invasion originated in the west. “Is there anyone here who can argue that there is no justification for an invasion of Ukraine? sanctions?”, he added rhetorically to a speech of high emotional voltage.

no one answered him, as it is inevitable, but several throughout the week world leader have been making it clear in their speeches the moral outrage they share Europe, America and his associates prosperous world It is far from universal. or, at least, the desire to take on russia with punishment and military aid to ukraine, “I’ve come to tell you that Africa has already suffered greatly from the weight of history and does not wish to be fodder for one new cold war& rdquo;, he said that same Wednesday Mackie SalPresident of Senegal more than African UnionBefore advocating for a negotiated resolution of the conflict.

It runs parallel to the verification of reality diminishing influence of the west to impose his position in fast multipolar worldas reflected in attitude towards sanctions, And that is, although more than 140 countries supported the proposal in March that Condemned the illegal invasion of the KremlinBarely a dozen have backed sanctions imposed by Washington and Brussels for violations rules of international order, “a lot countries of the global south They consider it a regional conflict, which is geographically far away and foreign to their interests,” Rajan Menon, a political scientist at New York University, author of several books on post-Soviet space.

rules of international order

“At the same time there’s more cynicism about the norms of the international order We believe because they see that the West doesn’t mind making exceptions for friendly countries like Israel Or violate those rules when it interests you, specifically the US”, Menon says. Examples abound. From illegal invasion of iraqto program torture and kidnapping launched by Congress 9/11 or later intervention in LibyaWhere the authority of the UN Security Council to protect civilians was being used to crush the Gaddafi regime.

The West may have forgotten it, but such outrage is still alive in the collective memory of the rest of the world. Not to mention colonialism. so words like Joe Biden spoke before the UN on Thursday a hollow voice. “If nations can pursue their imperialist ambitions without consequence, we risk everything this institution represents,” the US president said, adding that there were no sanctions or Solitude To destroy Iraq without a legal mandate for his country.

rejection of sanctions

The result is that countries such as Indiabrazil, South Africamexico or Indonesia He has refrained from publicly condemning Russia or taking a punitive route. others like turkey either Israel trying to establish itself mediatorswhereas Saudi Arab It took months to increase oil production as the US sought to counter Russian industry and lower prices. “The response of the various powers to the war in Ukraine confirms that we live in a multipolar world&rdquo ;, says Sven Biskop, professor of international relations at the Egmond Institute and Ghent University in Belgium. A world, in his opinion, with four centers of power: Washington, Beijing, Brussels and Moscow. “And in the end, these powers pursue their own interests, even if they sometimes coincide, he says.

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Ukraine has not given birth to the creation of two opposing and opposing blocks, as was the case during the Cold War. among other things, because Putin’s Russia is nothing more than a Gas station attached to a giant barnwithout ideological suggestion that the Soviet Union, “Many people expected China to support Russia as much as we support Ukraine, but that is not the case,” Biskop said. “Beijing has been in the middle, in a position close to” do not interrupt And without allowing Russia to determine its relations with Europeans and Americans. India Have done something similar, taking advantage of the position to buy in spades, trying not to burn the bridge with either side. discounted Russian hydrocarbonsSomething that many Asian countries are doing, which will reinforce Russian dominance on the continent.

And although Brussels and Washington are presenting current world order as a confrontation between democracies and autocracies, as it did Von der Leyen during his State of the Union address, The very inconsistencies of the former seriously undermine the credibility of his speech. “When von der Leyen was saying all this, European leaders were running Queue, Algeria Or Saudi Arabia to buy gas and oil. Biscop from Brussels says, “The time has come for us to drop that narrative and bet on something more balanced and rdquo.

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