wealth tax; Opposing both to the right and to the left


property tax are opponents both on the left and on the right, This is one of the most unpleasant taxes for many, which shows some counter-intuitive to most, That the one who has the most is not the richest, but the one who earns the most. This premise, which some may consider surprising, warns that this tax imposed on the rights of goods and economic material is in fact a double tax system with debatable redistribution effect, redistribution policies They are more effective if they use mixed systems that measure income and wealth as a whole.

Too many Conservative and Progressive Economist They hold that wealth tax involves double taxation as IRPF already levies tax on income and salary, so re-paying for the amount saved apart from capital gains does not seem appropriate. Given this situation, the tax threshold is broadened to prevent low-income taxpayers from being impacted by having moderate wealth. In Catalonia, taxpayers whose property or rights value exceeds two million euros must declare in wealth tax.

Abolition of property tax in Andalusia is an ideological attack by PP against Left Fiscal Policies Those who advocate higher revenue from administration to improve public services. But even from a left-wing perspective, wealth tax is considered an undesirable second-round effect, which is that the person affected will always try to pass on these additional costs of their wealth to decisions that harm the economy in general. , for example with a cut in salary or with less investment. But good judgment advises avoiding change, avoiding autonomous fiscal battles and maintaining income for the administration which subsequently benefits the majority.

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so called counterclaim The equity is that it is possible that some people with multiple real estate properties that do not generate resources (and who are required to pay taxes) do not have high regular incomes, so payments would eventually be received in low-maintenance buildings. is, for example. The division between wealth and income opens the door to imbalances that lead to increased taxes. The true rich is the one who enjoys the best standard of living rather than the one who hoards the most.

other The controversial tax is the inheritance tax, Mainly because where it is implemented, it is a serious blow to the successors, as is evident. If two nephews in Catalonia inherit from their uncle or aunt, the inheritance must be roughly divided between the three. The third one is treasure. In the case of Madrid or Andalusia, the heirs would divide the property between the two. Amidst the great fortune, there are more or less sophisticated mechanisms to reduce the tax impact on the heirs, although the advice to transfer the tax residence means in general to resolve the situation fairly and effectively. Autonomous fiscal battle.

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