We are in the hands of interests


Two normal people have met for coffee. The first normal person prefers it plain and without sugar; The other person likes to bite it a little, without submerging it in the water. ordinary. -What’s the afternoon? -Yes. —Since you didn’t say anything… —No. If I told you yes. Normal first person scans the horizon. Another person too. – Well, you say, but now that they close the shop windows it’s much better, isn’t it? – Collected more. I thought they were going to take advantage to rob us, and look at the end. – Finally no. “It’s because of the street lights.” It doesn’t seem like it, but in the end they light up too. —and that now light bulbs cost between little and nothing. – I think washing machines cost the most. “And the oven.” Now you have to be very careful with the oven. I apply it only at night. -Me too. I check the time online. I ask to see the little boy and he tells me when to wash. “And do you wash?” -I? not kidding. and you? “No, no, neither. I don’t even work the oven, are we crazy? – Not me. -Neither me. – Well, you say, but, with the exception of the Portuguese, now they’ll tell you in the afternoon Lets wash. When they don’t go, it’s after ten o’clock. “That’s when it’s cheapest.” – so they don’t let that happen. Stimulating consumption. The key is, as I say, “Consumption is everything. Otherwise the bike stops. – The Ferris wheel stops. – Well, you say, but I was thinking that now people will go to the movies less, right? -low? I do not think so. “Now people don’t allow themselves luxuries. Can’t watch movies. At most, few shots. -There are none. Now they have to save the world. – More to talk. Have to talk. -Too much more Less. Now talkers are broadcast on TV, so you can change the channel whenever you want. – I loved talking. Garci and others. The spectacled dwarves. “Who adopted your daughter?” “Who adopted his daughter” Married wife.” Which is Chinese now. “It’s so funny, yes.” “Okay, so I’m telling you.” Because he talked to them, but you laughed, which is already a lot. – Already. But married to his wife…” “Apparently it couldn’t be proved. ‘He was of age, apparently. “He was with Sinatra, I guess. Adoption. Yes. Of course, let them understand each other. —One about the explorer who walks away from the screen. And the other. – The other who is it? -The one where the dwarf with glasses was the hero. That I was going to rob a bank and you laughed. -Oh yes. He was very good. Now they don’t make talking movies. “Now all this guys are flying and the girls are in the swimming pool. ‘It’s all so bad now. —Paul Newman used to go out and you already knew he was going to be okay. Or Warner Lions.’ Now they Don’t want you to think any more.” -The stove goes to hell. “It scares them. —now it’s all long movies and series that you don’t know who is, like those about dragons. “That was great. You knew nothing. “They were all up against each other.” “Now it’s a mess. – It’s like this now. —Now it is not known who is good. “They’re all bad.—Yeah… Two normal people watch the sun go down behind some ordinary buildings. It’s a spectacular sunset. “Well, it gets a little cold, doesn’t it?” -small eyes “Nothing to see now.” -Not anymore. Since they close the shop windows now…—well, it’s not the time. They close when there’s no offense, As they did in the summer. That is, it is extremely dangerous. -To me, we don’t care. -Yeah to me. In the end we just pay for the sinners, what shall I say? The other normal person nods. – They do it for Europe, they say. But then, when it suits them, they go and do it all for it. “They’re all the same. “They are all the same. -We are in the hands of interests. -Right said. That’s how we go. – In the end we pay as usual.” -the middle class. -village People. —so there are no more movies about thinking. Because it doesn’t matter. Because they want us to be silent. “Man, don’t shut up. – Shut up either. But saying yes. “Yeah, fair. accurate. Say yes to everything. Like in the movie about the dwarf, where his friends didn’t like anything and he liked everything. that he fell in love with a girl. -I don’t understand. “The one in black and white. With trumpet music. -Dhatre ki. If it were in black and white… I don’t see anything in black and white. -Reader. Neither do I.

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