Vox’s Fanaticism, by La Mireille


The debate about Catalan in schools transcends Catalonia’s borders, but it sometimes does so in a distorted way, to the point of portraying a context that is far from reality. This happened yesterday in the Cortés of Castilla y León, where Vox deputy Javier Bernardo Teira Lafuente used the alleged abuse of a minor at a Catalan school from Rostrum to justify the fact that his father requested 25% education in Spanish. did. Warn about “ideological bigotry in the classroom”. During a debate on a socialist resolution on education, the Ultra MP echoed a news story in which the above father explains that his son was “deprived of food for speaking Spanish” at school. “They stopped serving food to him for several days as a pressure,” condemned the deputy. The story is reminiscent of other allegations that have been proven to be false, such as that of Pablo Casado when he said that “Teachers in Catalonia have instructions not to let children go to the bathroom if they speak Spanish” or ” They put stones” in their backpacks” for the same.

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