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Don’t trust your votes to Pedro Sanchez more than other parties. There used to be more men than men among the Namaste socialist suffrage (as is the case with Unides Podem), but this time there was a bias in favor of the PSOE among the women’s vote that was diluted. According to surveys, they have begun the replacement of Pablo Casado in PP Files by Alberto Nez Feizu.

Is it necessary for the President of the Government of Spain to inquire about the reasons for this change?

Believing that Sanchez wouldn’t expect her to vote without being beautiful, as she passed on in the novel to Robert Redford—remember Candidate (1972)?-. But since he seeks the support of the female sex, he must know why he has gone astray.

The question is… how much will it cost to recognize that the effect of the trans legal controversy that is so impatient for approval is not exactly harmless in this dissent. Because feminism – the movement that fights for equality in the vast majority of society on the planet and against discrimination against gifts – has not sought to discover that the essential recognition and protection of transsexuals in a patriarchal society is not the real reason . law, but to give carte blanche to activism Weird Why Converteixi Service Identity Legally Realized in Registration. Nahi horo prau am desijar-ho main dir-ho.

Guess Sanchez wouldn’t expect votes without being pretty, but she should know why she’s lost support of the female sex.

If the Quassvol Home pot is self-determination-donated, legal confusion will be served. They will ignore the inequalities that people of the female sex suffer and they will disable the laws that come from fixing them. I pay the cost of the millionaire penalty set out in this law.

quest esque al feminisme criminal des seu supposit Corner – The Ministries d’Igualtat – has condemned Moncloa’s sentiment that the president has not made a sela. Per aix, it is not strange that the movement sought an alliance with the Drat. And what ends up and is not inconvenient in Tingui that this rule. pp is al cap ia la fi, lluitat millor against feminism.

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