Visual Challenge: Can You Spot the Magpie in Less Than 30 Seconds?


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I agree that this visual challenge that I propose today Readers’ Challenge of La Vanguardia It’s not easy. You have to sharpen your eyes a lot to successfully remove it.

The truth is I wasn’t lucky and I couldn’t take more detailed photos that might have helped. But, in this image taken in Urgel, on the outskirts of the city of Altay, a magpie appears, can you find it?

Actually, there are more birds than you see in the picture. If you enlarge it you will see a vulture. When I took this snapshot I didn’t even notice it was there. And there are some magpies in some trees, but one of them is alone, can you find him?

in great shape
Visual Challenge: Where's the Lonely Magpie?

Visual Challenge: Where’s the Lonely Magpie?

Josep Reggie and Puigu

As I was saying, I can’t provide a detailed photo that can serve as a clue to solve this visual challenge, but at least I can provide the image with the solution. I have marked up to two magpies.

in great shape
Visual challenge solution.

Visual challenge solution.

Josep Reggie and Puigu

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