Viewsonic TD2455 Review: Good IPS Touchscreen Monitor


Touchscreen monitors aren’t exactly new, but choosing one that suits your needs can be a confusing task. Well, if you need a touchscreen IPS panel with lots of ports, the Viewsonic TD2455 might seem like a good choice. However, is it worth its price tag of Rs 49,600? I’ve been testing the monitor for just over a week and this is how I feel.

Viewsonic TD2455: What is good?

Display: The Viewsonic TD2455 comes with an excellent 23.8-inch FHD IPS panel. Colors look vibrant right out of the box and viewing angles are good too. This is not a gaming monitor, but one more focused on work and productivity. This has a latency of 6 ms and a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

You also get a customizable settings menu that can be accessed via the buttons on the bottom right. These settings include quick toggles between input modes, adjusting contrast/brightness, and a host of other settings, including its own sleep timer mode and the ability to turn off the blue power LED built into the monitor’s power button.

The touch experience on the screen is not bad. But it’s nothing spectacular either. There is minimal latency between your touch and the response, which can sometimes be seen when dragging windows.

The settings menu allows you to control many aspects, including brightness and contrast levels, as well as quickly toggle between various input devices. (Image credit: The Indian Express/Chetan Nayak)

ports: The TD2455 comes with two USB 3.1 Type-A ports on the left side, one USB 3.1 Type-C port on the bottom that supports display and power input with a Thunderbolt port on your computer, making this monitor Compatible with a single cable system.

The monitor also has an HDMI 1.4 port, two DisplayPort slots, and a 3.5mm audio-out port. Thanks to a wide range of ports, the monitor also supports up to four displays (desktop) and three displays (laptop) for daisy chaining. This allows the monitor to be a great primary or secondary display for a variety of multi-monitor setups.

design, standNote: Given the other positives about this monitor, it can be easy to miss the excellent design of the Viewsonic TD2455. There’s nothing flashy on the front, but the sleek bezels look good. The booth is where things get interesting.

viewsonic, viewsonic monitors, viewsonic td2455, viewsonic td2455 review, The monitor features sleek bezels with a relatively simple design language. (Image credit: the indian express/Chetan Nayak)

A double-hinged design allows users much more flexibility with the monitor stand, which is very easy to attach to the screen by the way. It only uses a snap-fit ​​mechanism and requires no screws to detach this monitor from its mount. Once this is done, you can tilt the monitor vertically and leave it upright, for use cases where you are standing.

VESA mount: Personally, one of my favorite additions to the Viewsonic is the inclusion of the VESA mounting bracket. This allows the monitor to be attached to various VESA mounts. This also makes it a great choice for ‘floating’ desktop layouts, like the one I have, or even dual monitor landscape/vertical mounts that allow you to do a lot more in terms of productivity.

Viewsonic TD2455: What is not good?

The monitor doesn’t go far wrong at this price, but one aspect that could definitely have been better is the included stylus. The stylus comes with a thick, textured tip that just didn’t feel smooth on the screen and often didn’t make contact. I noticed uneven dotted lines as I tried to get my hand on Microsoft Paint with the stylus and found that my experience just using my finger was far superior.

viewsonic, viewsonic monitors, viewsonic td2455, viewsonic td2455 review, The Viewsonic TD2455 features an average touch screen and below average built-in speakers. (Image credit: The Indian Express/Chetan Nayak)

Plus, the Viewsonic TD2455’s built-in 2W speakers simply lack the volume or depth you’d need for any entry-level music or entertainment needs. It gets the job done, but for anything that comes after the Windows startup sound, you’ll want to plug in your speakers or headphones.

Verdict: Should You Buy the Viewsonic TD2455?

The Viewsonic TD2455 offers a lot for the price. It doesn’t do everything right, as we mentioned above, but the great value offered by the good IPS panel, range of ports, design, and VESA support make this a great touchscreen monitor under Rs 50,000.

I wouldn’t recommend this to gamers or creators, but for the average multitasker who needs a good all-round, feature-packed touchscreen monitor, the TD2455 is a solid choice.


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